Real Estate Investment and Management


Al HartmanAn experienced real estate investment executive, Al Hartman serves as the CEO and chairman of the board of the Hartman Income Real Estate Investment Trust (HI-REIT) and as the president of Hartman Advisors. He founded the company as a sponsor of real estate investment programs and, since that time, has led the sponsorship of more than 17 private programs and two public programs. Successful in building HI-REIT into one of the top commercial property managers across Texas, Al Hartman is also the president of the company’s property management group, HIR Management.

To date, Al Hartman has purchased more than 90 properties and currently manages a total of 45 properties with 6 million square feet of available space. He leads a staff of 100 individuals and takes an active role as the principal officer of each company-sponsored investment. Also the manager of two short-term income properties, he oversees 1.7 million square feet across 13 properties. He balances his professional responsibilities with service as the president of the Elijah Challenge and as a board member of Vision America.